Gel Coat Damage Repairs

The photos above show the marked improvement in the gel coating, on two different boats, after a compounding and buffing by Color Pro Fiberglass.  Many times this process is all that is needed to restore your boat, personal watercraft’s Gel coating to it’s original beauty. We left a visible “line” to demonstrate the difference of before and after compounding and buffing.

Color Pro Fiberglass is the company to turn to for quality gelcoat repairs. We are experts at Gel coating systems and keep abreast of the latest technology for Gelcoating.

Boat Painting & Gelcoat

Gel coating is part of a good boat paint job. Gel coating is required after repainting your vessel, except when we use DuPont marine paint. Applying Gel coat protects your vessel from the sun, water, and weather, giving your vessel a long lasting beauty that will last for years to come.  Gel coating also gives your boat that showroom ‘new look’.

Bring your boat, personal water craft to the Gelcoat professionals – Color Pro Fiberglass!

Compounding & Buffing

Color Pro Fiberglass can repair gelcoat or re-gelcoat your vessel. We have over two generations of  experience working with gel coating. From a simple compound and buffing to a complete re-application of gelcoating.  We can recommend which solution is best for your boat, or personal watercraft.  Bring your vessel to Color Pro Fiberglass for the latest technology in Gel coat Finishes.

Our trained staff can evaluate your boat, PWC and suggest how to best repair your gel coating problem, at the lowest cost to you.  We can also spot gelcoat areas that need fiberglass repairs.