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Color Pro Fiberglass' Boat Capsizer

Color Pro Fiberglass is the only fiberglass shop in a five state area to have an  in-shop Boat Capsizer. Our Boat Capsizer is a fiberglass boat shop tool that allows us to rotate your boat into favorable positions to work on the bottom, side or hull for repairing damage. Most shops use blocks, jacks and hoists that pick up your boat unevenly, failing to distribute the weight properly. 
For our customers this translates into less time in the shop for their boats. We can mount any boat on our capsizer quickly and securely, allowing our technicians to work more efficiently on the bottom, sides of a boat. We can raise, rotate, and or lower your boat to the most advantageous position to facilitate fiberglass repairs, gelcoat repairs. After the repairs are completed we can lower the boat back onto it's trailer.  Color Pro Fiberglass has invested in the best, most efficient fiberglass boat shop repair tools  in order to serve our customers better now and in the future. Color Pro Fiberglass is the best equipped fiberglass repair shop in Texoma, our experienced technicians provide high industry standards of quality in each job .

Photos of Color Pro Fiberglass' Exclusive Boat Capsizer in use with various sizes and brands of boats.

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Color Pro Fiberglass' Exclusive Personal Water Craft Capsizer.

Color Pro Fiberglass' Personal Water Craft Capsizer allows our technicians to work more efficiently on the underside of all brands of personal water craft.
For our customers this translates into shorter repair times, and getting you back out on the lake faster.
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