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Boat Restoration

Boat restoration can encompass many different kinds of repairs, from boat paining, gelcoating, fiberglass repairs, floor repairs, structural repairs, boat upholstery replacement, and boat carpet replacement.  When looking for a shop to do your boat restoration you need a facility that can perform all the tasks needed, and do them correctly. Color Pro provides quality boat restoration for your entire vessel. We are industry leaders in the field of boat reconstruction, fiberglass repair, gelcoating systems, custom boat graphics, boat upholstery, boat carpet repairs, and replacement.

Depending on the condition of your boat or personal watercraft, and your budget, boat restoration is a great alternative to replacement. Especially if the power train on your boat is still sound.  Color Pro can restore your boat to a new like condition, adding resale value, and extending the usable life of your boat. Bring back the pride you once had in your boat, by breathing new life into your vessel by using Color Pro for your boat restoration project. We also perform quality fiberglass repairs and fabrication. The following photos are of actual boat restorations completed by Color Pro Fiberglass.

Complete Boat Restoration: Baja Boat  1

Complete Boat Restoration: Baja Boat  2
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Complete Boat Restoration: Bass Boat 

Partial Boat Restoration: Hurricane Boat 

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 Custom Boat Restoration 29 foot Miriah Boat

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Boat Restoration: 1974 Taylor Boat

Boat Restoration: 1998 Triton Bass  Boat

 1994 Suntracker Boat Restoration